Targeted Affiliate Marketing System

Twist The Sales Process with an inbound marketing affiliate solution. After setup, only pay for sales that are generate by your sales force. All 100% recruited, tracked and managed by the Sales Twist staff.

Add a Sales Team!

Inbound Marketing Agency That Gets Results

Dedicated Marketing Manager

Sales Twist provides you with a dedicated marketing manager and certified consultant to manage your campaign. They watch, manage and report on each detail of your success.

Set Up and Launch Your Campaign

We study your competitors, and we work to promote your brand and strategically place you ahead of your competitors. You will have a marketing launch sequence to grow.

Performance-Based Marketing

We run a very strong strategic and highly targeted ad campaign to bring in measurable results. From direct sales to managing affiliate networks and Pay Per Click, we deliver results.


Strategic Marketing Plans

It takes multiple marketing plans to bring in new clients. Your customers are not only on Google.  They are everywhere.  Does it work? You’re here, aren’t you? We create tactical plans that bring measurable results.