Affiliate Marketing - Pay Per Sale

Add your product to a network of over 200,000 affiliates

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Our affiliate development network was built to develop your sales channel through massive groups of affiliates in multiple networks. We create websites that track affiliates and we manage the entire sales process, affiliate channel, traffic, recruiting and collateral.

We take your product, and we strategically add it into specific networks to help generate additional sales. Each sale is on a, pay per performance basis. That means you only pay when a sales is captured and verified. You don’t need a new website for this type of marketing. We handle everything!

Quick FAQ:

Discover the Right Affiliate Network

Pay Per Sale or Performance Marketing allows you to connect your products to an affiliate base of direct sales reps and only pay commissions when a sale is actually made. Pay Per sale or Per Lead! It’s up to you.

Q: Idea Products -Virtual

The ideal product for affiliate networks can really vary. Usually it’s a product that has some type of instant gratification.

Here are some of the top sellers: ebooks, training courses & software

Q: Does it cost to join an affiliate network?

Yes, The price can range from $50- $500 for joining an effective affiliate network.

Q: Do I need to manage the network?

No, not unless you want to. We manage the entire affiliate relationship including emails, support phone calls, marketing collateral, marketing websites and more. You just run the business, make sure the product is good, and we will handle the incoming sales.