Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do You Twist The Sales Process?

Traditional marketing like cold calling, flyer distribution and broadcasting your product on billboards, newspapers and magazines is a flash light approach to gaining new clients. It works! However, has laser focused type marketing where we only share your message with highly targeted prospects. This reduced your cost and increase your likely hood of only working with the clients that are interested in your product or service. 

Are we guaranteed to sell our products or service?

We guarantee the exposure of your product to the targeted market. It’s backed by a very smart and aggressive marketing team who takes great care in delivering your marketing message. What we can’t guarantee is that people will love your product or the taste of your pizza or that your staff will answer the phone in a good mood. We’ll bring them to “your door,” and it’s up to you to invite them in. 

How often are we updated on the progress?

Every day your dedicated marketing rep or their marketing assistant is available for updates on your account progress. We don’t have customer service reps. We are not a “How Many Can We Bring In,?”-type marketing agency. We specialize and only accept clients that we have the ability to help. This gives our executives the ability to focus on quality and not quantity. 

Do you offer consultations?
Yes, our initial consultation has two parts. First, we record all of our calls so that we can provide you with the details you need to grow your business. Each call has multiple initial strategy points that you can use to grow your business even if we are not selected as your advertising agency. There is a fee for this call which includes the streaming of the call for future reference and the downloadable MP3.

Then, we include an evaluation of your website with one of our User Experience representatives, who has never seen your website. They look for the first time and provide a video recording of that experience to help you to determine what clients are really thinking when they visit your website to buy a product or request service.

Actual Report:


True User Experience.wmv from Wholesale Animation on Vimeo.

Do you offer dedicated full time assistance?

Yes! You’ll find that our team works on your account until the job is complete and then some. However, sometimes it’s best to have a dedicated representative at your location working to implement a plan or strategy. In this case, we offer dedicated onsite individuals or a team at your location to handle your daily marketing operations.