How Does It Work?

Inbound Marketing Campaign

Sales Twist is an inbound marketing and lead generation strategic planning company. Upon execution of the strategies, we run and manage multiple lead generating campaigns which include web marketing, web video ads, blogging and newsletter campaigns plus setting up affiliate networks.

We offer a direct marketing approach to lead generation that can turn into sales.

Sales Twist – Direct: We will set up and run your lead generation program, do split testing and expand your marketing program across multiple marketing avenues. We set up your account and allow you to manage the cost for clicks and exposure. This creates a clear separation between our cost for management and your cost for traffic generation.

  • Setup lead pages
  • Research keywords
  • Build ads
  • Run and manage your campaign
  • Generate reports
  • Run additional marketing (blogging, social media and more)  to drive sales leads

Promotional Videos
The creation of promotional videos to help tell your site visitors who you are, what you do and how you can help them is key to creating website stickiness.

Samples: BOGO United | Seat Swap | WebBizClicks | Listing Agent |

Pay Per Performance Marketing
Building a strong multiple channel sales and affiliate networks of direct sales reps is one of the secrets of many of the successful online companies. Duplicating the success through multiple networks can drive new sales to your company daily.

Each affiliate network has a unique base of affiliates that can promote your offers on their website and expand your brand, sales reach and increase your revenue. After setup, you only pay a fee when a sales is actually generated and verified. This is truly a Pay Per Performance marketing strategy with very little risk. Sales Twist will setup and manage that relationship include marketing collateral.

Ad Re-targeting:
Re-targeting your ads is the key to increased in expensive traffic. It’s done to you all the time. Have you clicked on a website and then find that an ad for that website follows you around the Internet? That’s re-targeting. We manage that process for your ads so that visitors who don’t return immediately are remind about your product or service and can get a special offer to return and purchase.

With 95% of traffic visiting your website for the first time and not buying anything, you need to remind them that you’re there and that they you want them as a customer. Your returning ad can be specific for them and offer them something special as an incentive to buy or sign up for your service. Ad Re-Targeting does just that for less than you think.

Landing Pages
We create landing and squeeze pages independent of your main website with your branding to entice clients to optin to your managed mailing list.

Newsletter Setup and Management

80-90% of all first time visitors to your site won’t buy anything. We will setup and manage your newsletter drip marketing campaign to entice your site visitors to opt in to your mailing list. Then we will manage the on going campaign to get your clients back to your website.

Pay Per Click
The very essence of an Inbound marketing campaign has to include Pay Per Click marketing. Someone is looking for your product right now. Instead of you spending to reach everyone, we will run targeted ads to drive specific clients to your business.

Your campaign is one of the hidden keys to marketing success online. Once you run your campaigns, we can determine which keywords are really converting. You’ll get instant traffic to your new offer and quickly determine if you need to adjust your campaign. You can also start your campaign for as little as a few dollars per day.

True User Experience.wmv from Wholesale Animation on Vimeo.

True Site Review
An often overlooked aspect of marketing is getting to know what clients actually think of your website. What is the user experience on your website? You’re not there when someone clicks on your website to shop, option, make a buying decision or decides if you’re the right solution for their problem. We actually test the user experience by putting your website in front of people for the very first time. We capture their immediate response live via screen capture video and get their feedback. It can be painful but nothing is as painful as spending money on marketing and not knowing why clients aren’t buying.

Campaign Management
In addition to all that sales twist manages for you, we will handle keyword research, ad monitoring and weekly consultations to bring you up to speed on how your campaigns are running and suggest adjustment to increase your results. Our goal is to be your marketing manager and bring you results that you can measure.